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Data-Driven Technology-Based Drug Discovery Solution


To develop a variety of ways to overcome fibrotic diseases, SapiensBio is keeping an effort to identify novel therapeutic targets for the diseases. Through continuous target mining by the genomic and proteomic data analysis system of the Sapientia platform, novel target candidates are being discovered. The target candidates are immediately evaluated by the in-house wet lab facilitation to determine whether the candidates can be the efficient druggable target. SapiensBio already took a series of novel targets for fibrosis treatment and is developing a therapeutic drug based on a novel target. A series of novel compounds which efficiently regulate the target protein were generated by the Sapientia platform and tested their efficacy and pharmacological and toxicological properties. For now, a couple of lead compounds were confirmed and are under optimization to candidate compound grade. The lead compounds of SBC113 have good therapeutic efficacy and safety enough to come over currently approved drugs. With SBC101, SBC113 is expected to provide a wide range of medical strategies to treat fibrotic diseases, which are known as a group of irreversible orphan diseases.

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